Image Restoration

Photographs provide a vital record of our past. Unfortunately many have not survived well over the years. I can scan and restore photographs, transparencies and negatives; once scanned the resulting digital images can be restored to their original glory. I do not repair the original, but copy it and using state of the art technology remove specks and scratches, and restore the contrast, colour and detail of the original. I can also produce enlargements from original photographs, and produce prints from both colour and monochrome slides and negatives. The scans are also suitable for use in publishing, such as books, magazines and online.

Transparencies & Negatives

Using a high-end film scanner that delivers professional results, I can scan most formats of transparencies and negatives:

  • 35mm slides up to 4,800 dpi
  • Medium format up to  3,200 dpi
  • Larger formats and glass negatives up to 2.400 dpi

During the scanning process I can apply Digital ICE, ROC, and GEM adjustments to enhance the scanned images and restore them  to their original quality.

ICE (Image Correction Enhancement) removes scratches, dust, and fingerprints from a slide or negative, while leaving the underlying image virtually untouched. 

ROC (Recovery of Colour) does a great job of extracting the original color information from badly faded film, and restoring the original vibrancy of the colours.

GEM (Grain Equalization and Management) removes the effects of film grain, without affecting image sharpness.

Scanning of larger formats (up to 4”x5”) and glass negatives can also be done, with resolutions up to 2400dpi. Also, photographs can be scanned. For artwork I recommend my service for artists and collectors as being more appropriate.

Old Photographs

soldiersDo you have old documents or photographs that have seen better days? I can restore them to near their original condition. Old photographs can have the dust marks, scratches, folds and the ravages of time removed; faded images can be brought back to life.

Depending on the purposes for which the final image is going to be used, photographs and documents can be scanned up to 1600dpi. This is suitable for enlarged prints and other forms of publication. Smaller scans can be produced for web and photo album use.

Once the image has been scanned, it can then be cleaned up and any surface marks removed, and any fading can be restored.