I am pleased to be able to offer the following services as part of my portfolio. Use the Contact Me form to get in touch if you would like to use any of these services.



Whether you are an artist, sculptor, potter, jeweller or an art collector, having a copy of your artwork as a record of what you have produced or of what you own is important. For artists it is a record of your work after it has been sold. For collectors it is a record of your holdings should the unthinkable happen. I offer a range of services depending on the type of artwork, and the intended use, which can range from publicity prints and cards.

Image Restoration

Old Photo

Photographs provide a vital record of our past. Unfortunately many have not survived well over the years. I can scan and restoreof photographs, transparencies and negatives; once scanned the resulting digital images can be restored to their original glory.

I do not repair the original, but copy it and using state of the art technology remove specks and scratches, and restore the contrast, colour and detail of the original. I can also produce enlargements from original photographs, and produce prints from both colour and monochrome slides and negatives.


Wise Owl

As an experienced photographer and qualified teacher with over thirty years experience in education, IT and media, I can offer highly effective one-to-one training. The training curriculum includes guidance on effective processes, technology and software to help you achieve your goals.