Whether you are an artist, sculptor, potter, jeweller or an art collector, having a copy of your artwork as a record of what you have produced or of what you own is important. For artists it is a record of your work after it has been sold. For collectors it is a record of your holdings should the unthinkable happen. I offer a range of services depending on the type of artwork, and the intended use, which can range from publicity prints and cards.

Once your artwork has been "captured", it is available for:

  • Publicity – use the images to create postcards to promote your work, in brochures or on-line on your website.
  • Catalogues – the images can be use for print and on-line catalogues of your work. This is idea for use in exhibitions or for sending to interestedcollectors
  • Record – Keep a record of your artwork after it has been sold. This service is also useful for art collectors to have a record of your artwork for insurance purposes.
  • Reproduction – Once created, high resolutions images of your artwork can be used to create posters, framed and unframed prints, cards, or used in many other ways.
  • Display – Digital images can be reproduced in printed form or alternatively yo can create a ever-changing display by displaying your immages on a screen. This works well for both still images and rotating images. Just imagine the posibilities in the reception area of your studio, or at at craft or art fair.


Photographing you artwork under carefully controlled lighting is much better than scanning. The scanning process uses a light source that hides the three-dimensional nature of the piece; the texture of the canvas, the strokes of the brush, or the the marks of the palet knife. Using controlled lighting enhances the three-dimensional nature by subtle use of shadows that reveal the brush or palet strokes.

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Sculpture, Ceramics & Glass

By their very design, sculptures, ceramics and other forms of three-dimensional art are intended to be viewed for many different angles. A conventional photograph only shows one side or one aspect of your piece.

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